A Look Back: This Semester

Thanks to Anna Danusiar (adanusiar.blogspot.com) for this list! Random facts because I’m at work in the Music Department, listening to my friends record a piece in German, and I just can’t bring myself to write about categorical moral principles just yet. 


Roommate Extraordinaire: Kylie, who drives me places when I’m late, wakes me up when I can’t, will talk about anything and everything, and is generally just the best. 🙂
Favorite shared moment with her: Late-night lolz and good conversation. So many nights where we just cannot make ourselves sleep even though we have early classes because there is too much to talk about and so many hilarious things. 
Busiest day of the week so far: Tuesdays! 8:30 Western Civilization, 10:00 Justice, 11:30 American Literature, 2:30 Choir, and 4:30 voice lesson. 
Favorite meal served: I’m not gonna lie: I love the Greek food at the dining commons.
Favorite non-honors class: Musicianship I. I. Love. Music. Theory. It is so fun, and it basically puts words on concepts that I sort of knew through self-teaching. Bliss.
Best reading for any class: Still has to be The End of the Affair by Graham Greene, even though that was last semester. 

Hardest reading for any class: Thomas Aquinas’ Treatise on Law for Justice

 Best advice so far: Advice that we remind each other of often: remember, you aren’t just a mind. You’re are intellection and emotion, deduction and imagination. Treat yourself as such. Don’t only be a mind. Go for a bike ride, read in a tree, play games, and also study. 
Favorite day of weather: Every day of spring. Spring on Eastern’s campus is literally magical. 

Newest pop culture thing experienced: So, pop culture seems to be a thing of the past for me. I just don’t have time to keep up with it. 
Number of coincidental connections between classes: Oh, so many. Truth just has a way of doing that. 
Last thing I lost: left my backpack in Ryan’s room when I was hiding out trying to assassinate him. More on that later. 
Last thing I found: incredible new friends, every day. 
Dregs of the tea most recently in my mug: Oolong. Thanks to Joanna Schlatter and her Taiwanese roots for this. 
Best music for study/reading/writing yet this semester: Explosions in the Sky. A perfect blend of musicality, and it’s loud enough to block out voices. 
Laundry loads: five?
Latest I have stayed awake any night so far: about 3 a.m. I can’t work later. 

Best sound I’ve heard: quite possibly the jazz song “Natalie” composed and performed by pianist and Eastern faculty member David Bryant.
Best choir song so far: Water Night by Eric Whitacre. After the song is over, I feel as if I could lay down and die, and be at rest. 

Best hymn sung in church: King of Glory, King of Peace, with lyrics by George Herbert!
Favorite honors class: I honestly love them all; they’re all so different. New Testament has most assuredly changed the way I see everything. It has caused me to re-examine the way I speak, converse, look at Scripture, look at Christianity, look at Christ. Justice and the Common Good has challenged me more than I’ve ever been challenged; it’s been the hardest class I’ve ever taken. Western Civilization has opened my eyes to the Medieval and Renaissance ages, of which I had little to no knowledge before. 

Best game: Assassins. Everyone’s name is in a hat, and you draw someone’s name. Someone else has drawn your name. The game commences at 8 a.m. the next day, and you have to “assassinate” your target by hitting them with a plastic spoon. The catch: they’re safe in a body of water (so we’ve had some people bolt toward creeks and lakes), they’re safe if they’re holding someone’s hand (we’ve had awkward interaction with strangers), and they’re safe in buildings other than dorms. Last night Kylie and I stole into our friend Ryan’s hall,burst into the room where he was playing video games, and launched ourselves at him. Alas, his RA was holding his hand. 

Cultural Events: So many. That’s one of my favorite things about college in Philly – all the cultural opportunities. Othello with the Philly Shakespeare Company, A Raisin in the Sun at the Arden, The Magic Flute, which my voice teacher was in!, the Philadelphia Museum of Art with friends, Angelika Kirschlager and Julius Drake at the Kimmel Center, taking my sister around Philadelphia, many senior recitals on and off campus, the Music Gala where I sang a solo. And coming up, University Choir Tour!! 

Biggest Indecision: What to major and minor in. I would love to do three majors: English Literature, Philosophy, and Music, but I can’t in four years. The two options I’ve narrowed it to are an English major with Music and Philosophy minors, or a double-major in English and Music. Alas, the indecision. What a good problem, though. 

I’m sure you’re sick of reading this by now! Ciao!


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