neo-calvinist relationships

I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing quite a bit lately.

Strange Christianity

This old-school graphic and clever acronym summarizes the 5 points of Calvinism, a theological viewpoint developed by John Calvin during the Protestant Reformations. I thought about typing out some more about this, but I found a succinct description of each point on this theopidia article that cited several primary sources. Simply take the Calvinist resurgence today and you have neo-calvinism.

Danny Silk is a pastor at Bethel Church in California. He has extensive material providing advice on relationships and communication. On a lesson titled “The 90/10 Factor” in his Defining the Relationship series, Silk argues for 90% and 10% ratio applicable to each sex. Male “needs” can be classified as 90% sexual and 10% emotional, while female “needs” are 10% sexual and 90% emotional. “Men have testosterone pumping through their veins and were designed that way on purpose. It’s not evil!” says Silk in the workbook, and then says something about “feminine”…

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